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Zombie Tsunami


Origin of Zombie Tsunami

In Zombie Tsunami, a city is under attack by zombies. You are a zombie and your mission is to turn as many other people in this city into zombies as possible. Developed by Mobigame in 2012, this game brings a fresh and exciting twist on the zombie genre. Join the fun and discover all the fun this game has to offer.

How to play and tips for you

Infecting innocent people

You will turn into a lone zombie wandering the streets. Your mission is to infect as many innocent people as possible! Approach them and turn them into zombies to build your squad. Lead your growing horde of zombies as far as possible through the city. Be careful with people trapped in cars or buses, if you don't have enough zombies, it's best to leave them behind and continue your journey.

Evade dangers and collect coins

Throughout your adventure, you will encounter various obstacles such as bombs, cars, and trash cans that can injure you. Be alert and avoid touching these hazards by timing your jumps carefully. Collect coins along the way, they are essential to buy new hats and power-ups from the store. Prioritize power-ups as they will help you achieve higher scores and go further in this endless running game.

Tips to increase strength

  • X2 Multiplier: Double your score on your next adventure.
  • Magnet: Attract nearby coins with a magnet held by your zombie.
  • X2 Coins: Double the coins you collect.


  • On PC, left click to make your zombie jump.
  • On mobile devices, tap the screen to control the zombie's jump.

Zombie Tsunami online

For endless thrills, try Zombie Tsunami Online! Playable on both PC and mobile browsers, this version offers rewards such as UFOs, skulls, and carnivorous flowers in the store. While these bonuses can make the game easier, they come at a high cost so collect as many coins as possible to purchase them.