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Iron Snout


Game information

Iron Snout takes you into an epic and exciting fight. You must fight the wolves that want to attack you, using your powers to teach them a lesson.

This is an exciting indie game that pits players against waves of enemies as a ferocious martial arts expert warthog. This action-packed game offers a thrilling gaming experience with non-stop battles and endless challenges. To win in Iron Snout, players need strategic prowess, lightning-fast reflexes and an understanding of the game's mechanics, trying to overcome the chaos and win the epic confrontation. with this pig.

You will play as a pig in the game Iron Snout, this game is developed by SnoutUp. In this game, you have to participate in fighting wolves, one of the evil characters who want to attack you. You will need to utilize your punches, kicks and acrobatics to overcome waves of wolves and other enemies. To escape being hit by axes and other incoming missiles, you should use the arrow keys.

When you and a friend play Iron Snout, you'll get the chance to play the game for free in two-player Wolfieball mode. What's more, you have the ability to play the game yourself in both Classic and Sudden Death modes.

How to play Iron Snout

You can jump and attack the wolf using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Helpful hints

  • Pay attention to the appearance sequence of opponents and missiles.
  • On Iron Snout's main title screen, you will be able to view your statistics.
  • Iron Snout has two different worlds: City and Forest, each with different enemy types and ammo.

Upgrade your character

As you progress, you'll earn points to upgrade your boar's abilities. Choose upgrades that complement your gameplay and enhance your strengths. Whether it's increased speed, stronger attacks, or improved defenses, strategic upgrades can make a difference.

Start participating in the Iron Snout game now and become the strongest and fighting master, show off your skills and help your pig win in every situation.