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Moto X3M


About the game

Moto X3M is an exciting, adrenaline-filled physics-based motorcycle racing game that challenges players to overcome dangerous obstacles and tricky tracks. Developed by MadPuffers, this game promises an exciting experience for both casual players and hardcore racing enthusiasts.

This is a racing video game that features many challenging tracks located in many different locations. Additionally, it has a total of 22 levels, each level not only has a different challenge but also gives you the opportunity to perform stunts on your motorbike. You should be prepared to race against time by putting on your helmet, starting the engine and racing to the finish line.

How to control Moto X3M?

Accelerate, brake and tilt the car using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Achieve a delicate balance between speed and control, especially on steep descents and tricky loops. Practice precise movements to avoid collisions and maintain momentum.


  • When you want to speed up, use the up arrow key.
  • The left and right arrow keys will allow you to keep balance on your motorbike.
  • Apply the brake by pressing the down arrow key.
  • To get more time, you should do somersaults and other movements.
  • Avoid creating any risks.

Note when playing

Move quickly but be careful when approaching new obstacles. When you make a mistake, you not only lose time but also reduce the number of stars you receive at the end of each level. You have the ability to perform acrobatics that will increase your overall score, so go ahead and perform some amazing leaps!

Through the use of stars earned by completing levels, you will have the ability to receive two additional bikes. You should hit the play button again, finish the race as soon as possible and then go out and buy yourself a new motorbike.