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Retro Bowl


Game information

Retro Bowl is a game modeled after an 8-bit game. Players need to manage their team and take responsibility for violations committed by the team.

New Star Games designed an American football game called Retro Bowl. Are you ready to lead your ideal team to success? Take charge of an NFL club, build a larger roster, handle media relations and maintain team and fan satisfaction.

How to play Retro Bowl?

There are many ways to personalize your formation and approach, so the game never becomes monotonous or repetitive. You can also change each player's position, name and jersey! Your club can easily be improved or rebuilt to your wishes with the help of free agency. You won't be able to put down this great retro-style team management game as Retro Bowl offers the ideal balance between control and auto-play!

Pass the exam and lead your team to the big prize! For the Super Bowl, are you prepared? February 12 marks the upcoming Super Bowl LVII! Will Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes win? Or will Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles lead the offense? Make your Retro Bowl reflect your favorite club's colors by choosing their jerseys! To convert, click on the brush in the main menu!

Players are given the responsibility of forming and managing their own football club as part of the game. This requires them to make strategic decisions such as choosing playstyles and drafting players. Additionally, they have the opportunity to customize the stadium, uniforms and badges that represent their club. The game also features other parts of running an American football team. These involve selling and cutting players, authorizing free agents, maintaining morale, player placement and much more. The game incorporates these elements into its gameplay.


  • To navigate you can use the mouse.
  • Select = LMB