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Basketball Stars


Game information

Basketball Stars starts playing with all famous stars. You'll be able to participate in one-on-one or two-on-two competitions with fun big-headed sports stars.

You have to choose a team and a player, then you have to try to win every match by scoring more points than your opponents before time runs out. You can compete against the computer or challenge a friend to operate the same machine. You can use various unique skills to guide your team to victory in a short match, start training or participate in a tournament.

Rules of Basketball Stars

The duration of each match will be one minute. During the competition, times are displayed on the scoreboard for your viewing pleasure. The game can be divided into two distinct roles: attack and defense. For this reason, you need to successfully combine two jobs. You should try your best to take the ball from your opponents when they win it. Make sure not to forget to block the opposing team's jump. In addition to playing defense, you also play attack to earn points. To get the ball past your opponents, you need to take advantage of your strong basketball ability. Then, move closer to the basket and take the shot. You have a better chance of winning against your opponents if you accumulate a larger number of points. Make sure to get along well with your teammates if you play with them.

Some tips to win

  • An important factor to consider is the distance between the players and the hoop. Your ability to shoot the ball more accurately will increase as you get closer to the basket.
  • Do your best to maintain possession of the ball and prevent your opponents from taking the ball.
  • If you have more points as time is running out, the wisest course of action is to just defend.
  • Pitching, defense and fast break ability are just some of the special talents each player has. So let's make the most of this opportunity to give you the trophy.
  • When you participate in a competition, choosing your favorite basketball player to represent you is another way to motivate yourself to win matches. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to experience the different abilities of many other stars.
  • The game is designed for two players, so your opponents can be people you know or people related to you. On the other hand, you shouldn't underestimate their championship!

In addition, if you play this game well, you will also have the ability to become a basketball king in the game Basketball King, explore your limits as a basketball player and show off your basketball skills. Your super peak in our game offers.

How to control in the game

Player 1:

  • To move use WASD keys
  • Shoot or perform an action = B
  • Pump = S
  • Super shot = V
  • Using D twice = dash

Player 2:

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Shoot or perform an action = L
  • DOWN arrow = pump
  • Super shot = K
  • LEFT arrow twice = strikethrough