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Top Speed 3D


About Top Speed 3D

Participate in spectacular accelerations with Top Speed 3D. Customize your dream car with endless options of wheels, colors, and power upgrades. Hop into your sleek sports car and get ready to speed, drift, and jump your way through the streets. Look out for cool tasks and challenges to complete, just like a real professional pilot! Earn money by performing epic drifts, pulling off jaw-dropping jumps from huge ramps, and even getting speeding tickets (which surprisingly give you cash instead!).

Features the highest speed 3D

Customize your car

You are the boss of your trip! With just one click on "Customize Your Car," you can personalize every aspect of your vehicle, from wheels and handling to power and color. Mix and match to create your unique car!

Two racing maps

You have two great maps to choose from: airport and hills. Scale the concrete roads at the airport, dodge obstacles and maneuver through slopes. Or take to the hills for a mountain adventure, climbing steep slopes and tackling winding roads.

How to drive a supercar

Use the arrow keys to control your car and move through the twists and turns of the track. Press GH to change your car and MN to switch between maps, adding excitement to your driving experience.