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Europe Soccer Cup

Game information

Europe Soccer Cup brings you to the exciting world of the European Soccer Cup, showing your passion, skills and team spirit on the football field.

Europe Soccer Cup game is developed by Radical Play. Participate in a fast-paced three-way soccer game with matches played at 11 v 11. This is the 2021 edition of the Euro Cup. Not only is the game extremely simple to play, it is also addictive highly addictive!

Choose a national football team, compete in the European Championship and do your best to win against all opponents with that squad. Whether you're a fan of Barcelona's fast-paced attacks or Bayern Munich's solid defense, the choice is yours. Dive into extensive customization options to personalize your team's look, logo, and even stadium. Express your creativity and make your mark at the European Football Cup with a team that reflects your style and personality.

Master the gameplay

Success in the European Cup depends not only on individual skills; it requires strategic thinking and adaptability. Explore different tactical options, experiment with formations and find the playing style that best suits your team. Whether you prefer an aggressive 4-3-3 or a solid 5-4-1, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each formation is vital to overcoming opponents. Master the art of in-game adjustments to stay one step ahead and ensure victory.

Move skills and develop players

Enhance your gameplay by mastering a diverse set of skill moves that can turn the tide of any match. From dazzling dribbles to powerful shots, each player has a unique set of skills waiting to be unleashed. Invest time in developing your players by earning experience points through successful performances. Enhance their attributes, unlock new skills and create a team of soccer masters capable of dominating the toughest opponents in the European Cup.

Guide play

To go in the desired direction, simply drag your finger or mouse in that direction. When you completely let go of the ball, you kick it. Your pull will affect the player's speed, and your kicking power will also be affected by the severity of your pull.