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Baseball Boy


Description of Baseball Boy

Baseball Boy is a fun baseball game. Try to score points by hitting the ball as far as possible. Show off your professional baseball hitting skills. As you swing away, you'll have the chance to upgrade your skills and discover awesome new bats that can send that ball soaring even farther. Each level brings a new challenge, keeping you on your toes and excited to see what comes next. Plus, if you're feeling competitive, you can always check out the leaderboard to see how you measure up against other players. It's the perfect way to show off your skills and see who reigns supreme in the world of Baseball Boy.

How to play

  • The object of the game is to hit the baseball as far as possible.
  • The player will control the character by swiping the screen to choose the direction and force of attack.
  • Try to align the timing and force of your shot so that the ball flies into the highest scoring area.
  • Upgrade baseball bats and characters to increase their hitting ability.
  • Unlock new locations and challenge yourself with longer shots.