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Poppy Strike



Poppy Strike is an attractive and dramatic action game. Use your weapon, gun or knife, to search and attack Huggys Wuggy that wants to attack you.

It's time to fight fiercely in the video game "Poppy Strike" that will put you in the position of facing a slightly haunting nightmare but try to overcome your fear to fight for victory. back to life. Today Huggys Wuggy's army is waiting for you to fight them and they are ready to do it, they can clone, the evil monster can create a large number of copies of itself and they will continue to torture you.

Complete mission

Events will take place on the map. You will need to go out into the world and conduct an investigation of the area to search for monsters hiding there. During each round, which lasts exactly two minutes, players will be tasked with eliminating the maximum number of monsters they can eliminate.

To avoid being surprised by any Wuggy Huggys, it is essential to be alert and not let your guard down. In case a monster attacks, you will be destroyed and the game will have to start from the beginning. At the beginning of each round, before starting the next round, the player will receive a new weapon for the duration of that round. You will be able to kill all the animals and become a hero as soon as you get all the weapons because you will be able to complete the mission.


There will be many different level stages for you to complete, each stage will be on a separate CS map. You will have time until the timer hits 0 seconds to eliminate all the Huggy Wuggy creatures lurking around without letting them kill you while you are in the process. In each new level, you are given a new set of weapons, and as you progress through the game, these weapons continue to improve and become more impressive.

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Control buttons

  • Use arrow keys or WASD keys to move
  • Press space to change weapons
  • Click to shoot
  • Press shift to run