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About Tractor Trial 2

Tractor Trial 2 is a driving game with attractive graphics that tests your ability to reach the finish line, overcome dangerous terrain and challenging obstacles.

Are you the best tractor driver with the ability to conquer challenges? You play as an energetic farmer eager to test out their new tractor in this exciting sequel to the popular tractor driving game. In Tractor Trials 2, you'll get behind the wheel of your trusty tractor and go on some exciting off-road excursions.

Complete your mission

Your goal is to move up steep slopes, overcome difficult obstacles and demonstrate how well your tractor can do all this.

Use skills to avoid obstacles

Your driving talent will be tested by countless obstacles and challenges in the game. To successfully complete each level, you will need to carefully manage the speed, balance and momentum of your tractor. As the game progresses, the difficulties become more difficult, requiring precise planning and control.

With fluid controls and stunning visuals that bring rocky terrain to life, Tractor Trial 2 offers a realistic and exciting tractor driving experience. Tractor Trial 2 promises to keep you entertained for hours as you test your driving skills, whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie looking for an exciting driving challenge. Highly skilled tractor drivers. So start Tractor Trial 2 online for free now, start your engine and start an off-road journey unlike any other.

How to play

Use WASD keys to move.