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What game is Stickman Fall?

Stickman Fall takes you to a mysterious 3D universe. The main aim of the game is to drop people from above using only an extendable stick linked to a plunger.

This is an interesting and exciting game selected and updated by us on our website. You will participate in the journey of challenging yourself with the game's challenges. The plungers in the game will allow you to stop at the right moment to collect all the stars while avoiding the most dangerous position on the stage. Keep a close eye on every step you take and make sure to navigate with patience, and determination until you cross the finish line without incident.

Try to pass the levels

There will be three lives for you to complete each level, so make sure you pay attention to every step you take and move with patience and determination until you reach the finish line unscathed. Are you brave and bold enough to do it?


There will be many obstacles that will hinder you while moving, be careful to hit the red buttons because it will explode and take one of your lives, or adjust your timing to avoid the moving red bars. Jump below, each level will increase in difficulty so don't waste your lives. Try to move down to the finish line, where many people are waiting for you.

How to play

You can use the mouse to click, click in the right place to avoid death.