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About Stickman Attack

Stickman Attack is an attractive fighting game. Play as Stickman and use your punches and strategy to defeat your enemies and increase your score.

Immerse yourself in the chaotic world of Stickman Attack, where hordes of stickmen constantly gather wave after wave, eagerly awaiting your every move. As the chosen Stickman, your mission is simple yet exhilarating, beat them senseless with your kung fu prowess. Unravel the mystery behind your chosen status and discover why these stickman minions foolishly attack you.

As the chosen one, the reason behind your choice remains a mystery. Embrace your role and unleash your inner warrior. Your kung fu skills are the key to survival in this non-stop battle. Why these stick-man minions target you is unknown, but your mission is clear: beat them at their own game.

Master mindless Kung Fu

In Stickman Attack, mindless kung fu becomes your main weapon. Learn the art of quickly tapping the white circle to deliver devastating blows to your enemies. Pay attention to timing and accuracy. Take every punch as you defend against the relentless waves and earn the souls of defeated soldiers.

Souls, weapons and white circles

Defeating stickman enemies will reward you with souls, the currency of the Stickman kingdom. Accumulate these souls to unlock new weapons and upgrades. The more waves you conquer, the richer you become with destruction coins. Invest your souls strategically to enhance your stickman kung fu arsenal.

Upgrade weapons: Unleash Mayhem

Visit the in-game store and use your hard-earned souls to buy new weapons. From katanas to nunchucks, each weapon brings a unique flair to the mindless kung fu chaos. Experiment with different weapons to find the one that fits your stickman style perfectly. Crush your enemies in style and unleash mayhem on the relentless waves.

Survive Stickman attack

In Stickman Attack, timing is the key to success. Master the art of tapping the white circle to deliver quick and accurate shots. Time your attacks strategically to fight off the stickmen without faltering. A well-timed attack can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

As the waves progress, the intensity of the stickman's attacks also increases. Adjust your strategy, stay agile, and prepare for new challenges with each advance. Discover the weaknesses of different types of stickmen and exploit them to win this mindless kung fu marathon.


You can use the mouse to click and attack, or play on the touch screen!