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High stakes challenge

Shotgun Roulette is a strategy and horror game. Players participate in an adventurous game of chance with a mysterious entity known as "the Dealer". Picture yourself facing a series of nerve-wracking tasks, each one with the potential to lead to either victory or defeat. It's like Russian Roulette but with a twist of strategy thrown in. You'll need to decide whether to pull the trigger or pass the risk to your opponent, making every move a heart-pounding moment.


You will face three rounds, each round the Dealer will load the shotgun with a number of real red bullets and blue fake bullets in random order. The player has the choice of shooting the Dealer or shooting himself. If the bullet is real, the player or Dealer will lose one life, if the bullet is fake, the player continues his turn or gives the gun to the Dealer.

Each player and Dealer has a certain number of lives, represented by the number of charges of the defibrillator. Round 1 starts with two charges, round 2 with four, and round 3 with five. A charge is consumed if the player or dealer is shot by a live bullet, and whoever loses all their lives first loses. The game also offers items such as magnifying glasses, packs of cigarettes, beer cans, and folding knives to give different advantages throughout the game.