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About Rotate Soccer

Rotate Soccer is a game that requires your skills when putting the ball into the goal. Test your abilities through different levels with increasing difficulty.

The classic puzzle game Rotate Soccer based on the soccer sport with engaging gameplay is a great way to relax every day and train your brain! The aim of this game is to take players through a surprisingly basic solo experience, simply swiping the soccer ball through a number of different levels with the ultimate goal of scoring a goal by passing the ball skillfully. cleverly entered the goal.

How to play

You will need to use the mouse to rotate the field as well as the platforms that the ball and goal rest on. Thanks to this, you can rotate the field and rotate the platforms. To do this, all you need to do is move them around and we are sure that you will be able to complete the task successfully.

To successfully put the ball into the goal, you need to find the most effective method of turning the field. However, you should note that the challenges you encounter in each level will be more difficult than the challenges you encountered in the previous level. For this reason, when participating in the game, you will be asked to concentrate with increasing intensity.

We have high hopes that you will start enjoying this game immediately as it is not only very easy to play but also provides great entertainment from start to finish.