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Rising Squares


Rising Squares takes you into a fascinating, challenging game world. Take on the role of guardian and be responsible for protecting a constantly moving circle.

How to play Rising Squares game?

Dive into the amazing world of Rising Squares and join the action! By cleverly arranging the squares below the circle, you can pull it up to avoid approaching obstacles. Your journey in Rising Squares not only requires perfect stacking, but also requires you to demonstrate strategic thinking. The circle is raised with each click, ensuring that it is no longer in danger.

However, you must approach it with caution. To avoid causing damage to your circle, you need to make quick judgments and perfect timing to overcome the challenges the game presents.

The key to your success

As you complete the game and gain points and stars, you will need to create more squares. Make sure that the circle does not collide with any obstacles located along the path; If so then the game will be over.

On your journey you will have the opportunity to receive power-ups that will give you extra power, such as shooting, you can use this to remove obstacles that you encounter along the way. However, this will also reduce the number of squares you have available. Collect as many points as possible to earn the highest score in the game. Additionally, before you can start playing, you must log in to your profile and the game will transmit points to you in the background.

Improve defense ability

When powered up, raised squares allow your circle to fire projectiles, destroying everything in its path. But using these abilities comes at a cost; it weakens your defense, raises the stakes, and makes the mission more difficult.

A combination of strategy and mobility, Rising Squares is a fun game. You'll discover that as you progress through levels, you're always pushing yourself to get better at stacking, dodging, and shooting to achieve higher scores. You feel a sense of accomplishment after overcoming each challenge in dynamic gameplay, keeping you alert.


With Rising Squares, it is created to provide hours of entertainment for all types of players, whether they are newbies looking for a fun and stimulating game or seasoned professionals looking for a Play promotes their reflexes and strategic thinking. This is a great game to add to your collection because it emphasizes precision, talent, and quick decision-making.