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Marble Lines


About the game Free Marble Lines

Free Marble Lines is a match-3 game in which players are tasked with destroying rows of colorful marbles to prevent the balls from reaching the end of the game.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Marble Lines, a strategic and engaging game that requires precision, quick thinking and a keen eye for patterns. This classic game combines elements of strategy and skill, giving players an exciting experience that has stood the test of time.

Free Marble Lines gameplay

To launch the marbles, aim the turret using mouse or keyboard controls. Click or press the indicated button to release a marble. Aim for clusters of balls of the same color to create matches of three or more. Matching marbles of the same color will make them disappear, earning you points and blocking your way forward.

It is necessary to create groups of three or more identical marbles to make the marbles disappear. Each new round will begin by introducing a new line of marbles into the maze. Finally, the balls will move down the maze's route in the entire direction. You should aim for the center of the maze as your shooting point. The next ball should be used to rotate the launcher, then you should click to shoot.


Eliminate as many balls as possible with just one hit. So that the line shrinks and does not fall into a black hole, you should combine colors. Use a single shot to cause multiple explosions, which will earn you more points. It is expected that the marbles in the game will include some useful power-ups. With that, coins will appear on the screen.

Create combos

Achieve higher scores by creating combos. The goal is not only to match three marbles but also to set up cascading reactions. When a group of marbles disappears, it can cause a chain reaction, eliminating other clusters of marbles.

This is a game of strategy and precision, navigate the world of Marble Lines with confidence. Challenge yourself to beat the high score, outpace the advancing marbles. Are you ready to take on the challenge?