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Football Kick 3D


Football Kick 3D is a game that requires you to have football skills to score points for your team. Practice soccer techniques like famous players.

Missions and skills in Football Kick 3D

In the dynamic sports game "Soccer Kick 3D", you will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting tournament and compete for the ultimate championship glory. Experience the thrill of the game by playing this game yourself and experiencing it for yourself! Regardless of whether you are a soccer fan who has never played before or have many years of experience playing the sport. You are about to enter a world full of excitement, so get ready for some skills, some skillful techniques to play and try to become a professional player.

Before time runs out, the object of the game is to score as many goals as possible against the defense of the person you are facing. There is only a short amount of time for you to come up with a strategy and make decisions that will help you get the ball into goal and break through your opponent's defense as quickly as possible. However, before you can run into the box, you will need to skillfully overcome determined defenders trying to overthrow you. This will be necessary for you to complete the journey.

Sliding the ball is a strategy that can be used in situations where the other team has an advantage over you. This strategy can help you regain control of the ball and turn the situation in your favor. You should use many tricks and surprise strategies to knock out those who are pursuing you.

Earn money and upgrade your character

It is important to win rounds to accumulate gold coins, a valuable currency, in order to obtain new characters, each of which is endowed with special characteristics. To get new characters, it is necessary to earn gold coins. We recommend that you strive to improve your football abilities, strive to move up the rankings and confidently compete against opponents who are more skillful than you!

How to play

You can use the mouse to move the mouse in a circle when you want to control the character running flexibly. This can be done using the mouse.