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Fancy Pants 2


Fancy Pant 2 is an exciting 2D adventure game. You will play the character Fancy Pants and search for your pants that were stolen by gas floods.

Fancy Pants Man Tutorial

  • As he embarks on a quest to retrieve his beloved Ice Cream Cone, which was snatched away by an angry Rabbit. With your help, he will journey through magical lands and face exciting challenges along the way.
  • Take control of Fancy Pants Man and guide him through a series of stylish moves, from somersaults and spins to wall jumps. With responsive controls and seamless animations, every movement feels fluid and satisfying.

Practice skills

  • From dangerous gaps and moving platforms to terrifying creatures like spiders and rats, you'll need quick reflexes and sharp skills to get through each level.
  • Explore diverse environments, from grassy hills to underwater kingdoms, each with its own challenges and surprises. With meticulously crafted levels and increasing difficulty, you'll find yourself constantly challenged and entertained.