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Fancy Pants


About Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is an adventure game with a character carrying orange pants. You must adventure through many different worlds, fight enemies and overcome obstacles. Our hero is sleek and tall, with those eye-catching orange pants stealing the show. Whenever he moves, the swish of his orange pants adds to the excitement!


  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move him around.
  • Press the S key to make him jump.
  • Use the Up arrow key to open doors and the Down arrow key to make him duck.
  • If you're on a slant or land, ducking will let him roll. And if you need a break, hit the spacebar to pause the game.

What is your mission?

As you explore, you'll come across doors. Press the up arrow key to open them. Behind these doors, you'll find options like Start Game, Level Select, Trophies, Do Not Enter, and Options. Choose your path and jump into the official Fancy Pants game to control your character. Once you're in, guide your orange-pants character through the challenges, collect winds, and watch out for dangerous creatures along the way.