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Dream Restaurant - Realize your business dream

Dream Restaurant is a business simulation game, master your restaurant and get ready to grow it large. If you're ready, come up with your business strategy!

Are you ready to build your dream restaurant? You will be able to lead your team to victory in the Dream Restaurant game if you put in the effort and guide them to victory. Your chef is ready to start making delicious meals and you, armed with a large tray, must walk from one end of the restaurant to the other to serve all your customers in about shortest possible time.


Use the left mouse button to click and drag your character to move.

Build a menu

Once your restaurant is visually appealing, direct your attention to the heart of the operation, the menu. Experiment with diverse cuisines, ensuring balance of flavors and variety of dishes to cater to different tastes. From appetizers to dessert, each item on your menu contributes to the overall dining experience. Pay attention to customer feedback and adjust your offerings accordingly to keep your virtual taste buds happy.

Burgers and sandwiches are the first dishes on your menu to serve to customers. You will then collect all consecutive orders and deliver them to the designated tables. You can expand your business using the money you have collected. Start with things like adding tables and hiring servers, then gradually expand from there. Start the process of building the restaurant chain you've always dreamed of having for your business.

Upgrade your restaurant

After each sale, you should collect the money and then invest it in purchases to renovate and expand your restaurant. Hire a cashier to handle bookkeeping and ensure that your customers are charged appropriately, and gradually increase your menu to satisfy the requests of your most demanding consumers. If successful, you will be able to establish a famous restaurant chain present in every region of the world.

Financial management

In Dream Restaurant, financial management is an important aspect of maintaining your culinary empire. Closely monitor costs, revenue and profits to make informed decisions. Invest wisely in equipment upgrades, marketing campaigns, and staff training to improve your restaurant's overall efficiency. Striking a balance between quality and cost is key to achieving sustainable success in the competitive world of virtual dining.

Now, embark on an unprecedented culinary adventure in the world of Dream Restaurant. This culinary simulation game gives players the opportunity to build and manage their dream restaurant, from designing the perfect dining space to crafting delicious menus. Have fun!