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Baseball 9


Description of Baseball 9

Baseball 9 is a baseball game with extremely realistic graphics. Gather the most talented players, train them to become stars, and build a legendary team. Your goal is to score more runs than the other team. You do this by hitting the ball and getting your hitters to run around the bases.

How to play


  • When it's your turn to bat, you control the batsman.
  • Just tap the screen to swing the bat as the pitcher throws the ball.
  • Timing is extremely important for good polishing.
  • Try to hit the ball where the other team can't catch it or far enough for your players to run.

Throw the ball

  • When you are on the field, you become the pitcher.
  • Click the throw button to throw the ball.
  • You can choose from different pitches like fastball, slider, or changeup.
  • Try to throw the ball where the batter can't hit it well, ideally in the strike zone.

Base running

  • When your batter touches the ball, your player will automatically start running.
  • Swipe the screen in the direction you want your player to run.
  • Deciding when to advance or stay at the base is important.
  • You can try stealing the base, but be careful it's dangerous!

Team management

  • Throughout the game, you can recruit new players and help them improve. Use recruitment tickets to get new players.
  • Make your players stronger by upgrading their skills. Be creative and customize your player's appearance, name, and equipment. Give your team a fun name, logo, and uniform to stand out.