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Apple Worm


In Apple Worm, your task is to bring the worm to the exit gate at each level. Find and try many different ways to help the worm find its way to the finish line.

Attractive gameplay of Apple Worm

Players will control a small worm moving through levels full of obstacles to collect apples and reach the finish line safely. Each level has a different structure with its own challenges, requiring players to use intelligence and ingenuity to solve. Players need to use the navigation keys or touch operations to move the worm accurately, avoid colliding with obstacles, and collect all the apples before reaching the finish line.

Help the worm complete its mission

Stretching and chewing

Eat apples to help you gain more length and go through gaps. But it's not always easy. You will need to strain your insect's body to reach the distant apples. And be careful of tricky traps like spikes and moving platforms!

Plan ahead

As you progress through the levels, things will get more difficult. You will need to use your brain to figure out the best way to move your worm. Think before you wiggle! Plan your moves carefully to avoid getting stuck.

Sweet reward

Every time you complete a level, you will unlock new challenges and exciting rewards. Can you beat each level faster than the previous one? And don't forget to hunt hidden apples for extra points!


You just need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your worm. Or you can use WASD keys. The gameplay is quite simple, but to pass the levels you need to practice.