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Angry Birds Rio


Introducing the game

Angry Birds Rio is an exciting adventure game. Venture into the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, then you need to free the captured birds through each level.

Venture into the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro, where the iconic Carnival sets the stage for your avian adventure. Each level presents a visually stunning setting with unique challenges. Use your Angry Birds' special abilities to strategically destroy structures, rescue caged birds, and earn high scores.

Enhance your bird shooting ability

The game introduces a series of powerful power-ups to enhance your bird launching abilities. From TNT explosives to powerful shock waves, each power-up serves a distinct purpose. Learn when and how to strategically deploy these power-ups to overcome challenging levels and earn the coveted three-star rating. Experiment with combinations, discover hidden powers and watch your Angry Birds cause chaos among the mischievous monkeys and their devious devices.

Conquer boss battles

Prepare for epic battles in the heart of the Amazon jungle as you take on formidable bosses. These oversized opponents require a combination of skill and strategy to defeat. Understand each boss's unique characteristics and weaknesses, use your Angry Birds' abilities to target their vulnerabilities. Conquer these fierce battles to progress further in the game and unlock new chapters of the thrilling storyline.

How to play

You just need to use the mouse.