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Air Hockey Cup


Description of the Air Hockey Cup

Air Hockey Cup is an exciting 2-player air hockey game that brings the thrill of ice sports to your fingertips in a refreshing and exciting way. You'll find yourself in a fast-paced match against another player. Score as many goals as you can by hitting a puck with your paddle into your opponent's goal. Just slide your finger across the screen to move it around. You'll need quick reflexes and sharp skills to outsmart your opponent and block their shots while aiming for the perfect goal yourself.

How to win the Air Hockey Cup?

How to play

To participate, you'll need to be fast and accurate. Use your mouse or touchscreen to guide your tokens and aim for the puck. It's not just about scoring goals - you'll also need to outsmart your opponents to climb the leaderboard.

Some tips to help you succeed

  • Keep your tokens moving to defend and attack effectively.
  • Learn to control the puck's direction and speed for the perfect shot.
  • The more you play, the better you'll get!


  • Experience the thrill of air hockey on your screen.
  • Test your skills in challenging tournaments.
  • Climb the ranks and showcase your skills to the world.
  • Success depends on your skills, not just luck.